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february links – tidbits on trendy topics

storage 10th anniversary of the USENIX FAST Conference took place with over 500 attendees in San Jose – slides, videos and papers available here – one study on NAND evaluation made it to PC World and other news outlets. Great … Continue reading

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greek cabbies cheat – but not that much

At the end of a very long post last week on a different topic, I mentioned this gem of an academic study on Greek cab drivers. The study was done by a group of Austrian economics professors in mid-2010, so … Continue reading

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women don’t compete – encouraging diversity

I believe that supporting diversity is much wider than women vs. men or under-represented minorities in the workplace. Encouraging a diversity of approaches and viewpoints and experiences is the essence of teamwork, and becomes more critical each year as the … Continue reading

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everyone can draw

This tweet yesterday from a recent social media friend: reminded me of something that I learned from another friend some years ago, reinforced by my dear wife and her design colleagues. Everyone can draw.  (and the corollary: Everyone should draw). … Continue reading

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