rethinking higher education

A friend of ours has decided to take a stab at shaking up the world of higher education, democratizing the education experience.

His introductory presentation on the topic was given live today at the DLD 2012 conference in Munich for “international agenda setters in Germany.”

The video is highly recommended. Anyone who has ever been to college should watch through minute 12; anyone who has taught at college at least through minute 15; and in fact the whole 27 minutes is pretty inspiring. A great “experiment” that succeeded beyond what the creators ever thought was possible.

They are turning the idea into a company called Udacity (leave off the “a” at the front!).

It turns out that one of the startups I saw last week at Eureka Park at the Consumer Electronics Show has been working on a related set of insights about how students learn, looking to make it easier for professors and more powerful for students. Company is called LectureTools, founded by a professor out of Ann Arbor.

We also have a friend who has invested the past 2.5 years into course facilitation + social networking – two of the powerful forces that Sebastian calls out in his effort. Company is called Simversity founded by “a gaggle of geeky and curious entrepreneurs”. Applies to authors and speakers of all types.

Continued good luck to all three efforts.


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